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Fate/Grand Order JP APK: A Free-to-Play RPG Game Based on the Popular Anime Series

Following the completion of the Sub-Singularities, Chaldea would find itself under new management under Goredolf Musik. It turned out that Goredolf was just a scapegoat in a hostile takeover by a mysterious organization, conspiring with an unknown entity known as the Foreign God, to destroy Chaldea and the current human history, reverting the planet back to the Age of Gods. Now on the run, Ritsuka, Mash and the surviving members of Chaldea survived aboard the autonomous vessel Shadow Border. In order to save humanity, the group now travels to different timelines called "Lostbelts"; alternate versions of history that differ drastically from the main human history and were "pruned away" from the primary timeline after having been deemed a dead end. The seven Lostbelts are each represented by a Crypter, former human Masters and their Servants, each of whom are in competition against one another as well as the Chaldean survivors for the ultimate fate of human history. For Ritsuka Fujimaru, they must make some grave decisions and sacrifices that either will make them a savior ... or a destroyer. After clearing all seven Lostbelts and learning the Foreign God herself was a pawn to the true mastermind, the members of Chaldea attempt to return to Chaldea's headquarters, where the mastermind resides, only to be blocked by a barrier. They are informed that due to using Servant Extra Classes, they have been rejected by the Human Order, so they must travel and endure an Ordeal Call to prove that their Extra Classes are connected to humanity so they can stop the mastermind and restore the Earth.

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Please note that in order to get the most authentic experience possible with the Fate Grand Order iOS Download and Android game, it is required that you download the game from the Google Play Store. Not only does it help fund the developers, but it also contributes to keeping the community civil and free of negativity.

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