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Where To Buy Royal Building Products

Royal Building Products offers the renovation, remodeling and new construction industries a range of innovative products including deck, siding, trim, pipe, window and door materials. They are the leading manufacturer and distributor of building materials, enhancing the life of your neighborhood. Their products provide low maintenance care, save energy, are sustainable and last for years to come. Royal strives to provide neighborhoods with lasting value and visible beauty. Homeowners can now live out of a magazine. With Royal siding, your home will look the best on the block.

where to buy royal building products

U.S. Lumber is a leading distributor of a broad line of building materials, specializing in trim and engineered products including exterior siding and trim, interior millwork, flooring, patterns, beaded ceiling, columns, decking, railing, and a full line of engineered wood components. U.S. Lumber distributes across the entire Southeast and mid-Atlantic United States with branches in Atlanta, Greenville, Raleigh, Nashville, Jacksonville, Mobile and Baltimore. In collaboration with their product manufacturers who represent the best wood and composite brands in the industry, U.S. Lumber takes a pro-active approach to the development of new products by focusing on teaching and training builder and dealer sales personnel on the benefits and value of new construction materials. The company is committed to serving customers on a personalized basis with an emphasis on Knowledge, Trust, and Responsiveness. For more information, please visit

The six new vinyl siding colors will be available in February 2023. To learn more about vinyl siding from Westlake Royal Building Products, please visit

Westlake Royal Building Products USA Inc., a Westlake company (NYSE:WLK), is a leader throughout North America in the innovation, design, and production of a broad and diverse range of exterior and interior building products, including Siding and Accessories, Trim and Mouldings, Roofing, Stone, Windows and Outdoor Living. Westlake Royal Building Products manufactures high quality, low maintenance products to meet the specifications and needs of building professionals, homeowners, architects, engineers and distributors, while providing stunning curb appeal with an unmatched array of colors, styles, and accessories.

Westlake Royal Building Products USA Inc., a Westlake company, produces a diverse range of exterior and interior building products, including metal roofing. To learn more, visit

According to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), which administersPATH, the program is intended to effect a 50 percent reduction in residential energyuse—among other goals—within three years. PATH will achieve these goals, HUDsays, by providing information on innovation building materials, products and systems. Theprogram will also spotlight best practices in housing technologies, develop strategies forovercoming roadblocks to progress, test housing technologies in the field and stimulatethe next generation of housing technology through cooperative research among the programspartners. These partners include private industry, research universities and nationallabs. 041b061a72


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