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$100 Vs 100,000 Road Trip (USA Edition) BTS

Of course, no list of US road trips would be complete without Route 66, the "Mother Road" and icon of the American Dream. The route was discontinued, but you can still migrate West by sticking to the various Interstate Highways that have replaced it (like the I-55 from Chicago, or the I-70 from Missouri) or by sticking to those National Scenic Byway portions renamed "Historic Route 66." Stopping by quirky roadside attractions is a US road trip staple, and this route's got plenty of those, like the famous Cadillac Ranch or the Blue Whale of Catoosa

$100 vs 100,000 Road Trip (USA Edition) BTS


Another risk travelers face when going to Thailand is that there is the possibility of getting sick while abroad. Protecting against this risk starts at home before you even leave for your trip. For most trips to Thailand, the CDC recommends that travelers are vaccinated against childhood diseases in addition to the vaccination for Hepatitis A and Typhoid. Depending on where in Thailand you go and how long you intend to stay, you may want to consider additional immunizations. 041b061a72


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