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Hiren S Boot Dvd 15.2 Restored Edition V2.0

Hirens boot dvd 15.2 restored edition shared files: hirens boot dvd 15.2 ... hirens boot dvd 15.2 restored edition v 1.0 proteus january 2013 or any ..Cz arcsoft total media theatre v3.0.1.175 platinum retail with simhd nogrp.

hiren s boot dvd 15.2 restored edition v2.0

Hiren's Boot DVD 15.2 Restored Edition V 1.1 (January 2013).. Introduction.. This edition of the Restored HBCD is a bug fix of the previous version (V 1.0). DownloadFilmHororThailandComingSoonSubtitleIndonesiahirens boot restored edition proteusMini windows has been further ... Enjoy! Proteus.. January 2013 ...

Generally, if it works for one version of a distro, it will work with any version ... For E2B USB HDD drives, some WinPE ISOs (Hirens, Gandalf, Bob ... imgPTN file (use syslinux v6 or v4 or v5 - do not use v3 or will not boot to Medicat menu).. ... hbcd-15.2-Restored-V1.1-dvd-proteus.iso HBCD Proteus Restored ...

Hi guys. I downloaded the zip file (Hirens.BootCD.15.2.) I unzipped the file using winRAR. I burned the ISo image file onto a CD & flash drive. Then I switched off my PC (windows 7 Professional 64 bit), put my flash drive on, switched on the PC. After boot set up, I selected flash drive option & then the PC started reading the flash & selected Offline NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 Password Changer option. Then there comes a prompt screen with this 'boot: _'. Next I pressed enter. Normaly a screen telling me I need to select the partition where Windows is located should appear but in my case this didn't happen; a screen with numbers & information appears instead, it just stuck there, I pressed enter several times but doesn't accept the command. The same thing happens when I used the CD. Could you please explain why this is happened? Do you guys know any other similar bootable rescue disc solutions?

I have a problem getting Hirem's Boot CD 15.2 to boot from a USB drive. NO problem for it to boot from CD.Also I am able to boot Hiriems Boot CD version 10 from a USB drive. And all other live bootable I so filesJust the New version of Hirem's Boot CD 15.2


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